Welcome to the WMCB LPFM webpage. There is a Steering Committee meeting this Thursday at 6:00pm at the GCTV Studio, 393 Main St in downtown Greenfield MA.

Do you have technical or fundraising experience? Are you willing to volunteer some time to community-run radio? We need you help! Please contact us at wmcb (at) gmail (dot) com.

Drew and Travis have been working diligently to have the web applications take form in time for the Thursday . Geek time: We're hoping to build a collaborative web presence using the Google applications for e-mail, calendar, static webpage publishing, blogging, online photo gallery, and web-based document editors. I know, it sounds like an ad for Google -- what can we say? These guys have all the pieces in place (it's getting them all to flow between each other that has been the challenge). We looked at the more powerful CMS (content management system), metadot.com freehosting, but thought that metadot's steep initial learning-curve negated it's flexibility and robustness.

Whe're we at? Drew and the carpenters have been working hard building the foundation of the studio. Scott MacPherson has put in volunteer time to spec and order gear (it's on it's way!), Terri Cappucci has donated a LOT of extra time in getting this entire project possible in the first place.

Please visit our FAQ for more information. Thanks and stay tuned!

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