Station Presents Masquerade Ball

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GCTV/WMCB are presenting a masquerade ball on Saturday night October 24th at the Greenfield Grille. Tickets are pre-sold and available at the station for 10 dollars. Only 120 tickets will be sold. Cocktail hour is 8:30 to 9:30 with appetizers and a cash bar. The dance floor will start grooving around 10. More details will be given as the event grows nearer. Please put it on your calendar and be sure to talk with Sean Griffin if you wish to volunteer in some way. 
We will have a booth set up with information packets etc. about the station. We are looking for prizes to be given away for best costume, etc. 
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Volunteer Coordinator Named

Sean Griffin has been named Volunteer Coordinator of WMCB and will soon be contacting all active DJs to discuss their volunteer activities. Sean presently produces "Listen 2 Griffin" on Tuesdays 4-6. Sean brings a lot of enthusiasm to the position and is looking forward  helping to move WMCB forward. According to Owen Weaver, Sean also does an amazing Patrick Swayze impersonation.


Hopi Visions Features Live Performance

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tina Collins & Jenny Bird on WMCB!

(In the picture, from left to right: Tina's Mom, Coyote, Jenny, Tina)

Up & coming musical duo Tina Collins & Jenny Bird made a guest appearance today on Coyote's WMCB show, "Hopi Visions". The two did an acoustic set and an interview on the show, which will be rebroadcast on Sunday, August 23rd, from 8PM to 10PM. Coyote says, "they are as wonderful a musical experience as one can have". The two were on to promote their concert in Greenfield this Thursday, August 20th, at 7PM at Unity Pioneer Valley. For more information check out www.jennybird.com
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Podcast Update

I recently spoke with GCTV Station Manager Scott MacPherson about the status of pod casting WMCB programs.
Full pod casting is still six weeks away by Scott's estimation. Some DJs have asked about pod casting from their own sites. I told a couple that they were the owner of their own sites and can do as they please on them. Scott warned that without a proper license from ASCAP, BMI etc. DJs may be liable. Also, he wants all the pod casts to emanate from one site so that listeners can be better tracked.


Meet the DJs: Jackie Rose

Jackie Rose produces Northern Star Radio which can be heard each week on WMCB Friday night at 7 and Sunday at noon.

Jackie Rose brings her unique vision of beauty and meaning to the hills of Western Mass, incorporating all types of contemporary music, poetry and prose, addressing and promoting events and current events that affect our community and our world. Jackie's show is whimsical, fun-loving and down-to-earth. Like the seed that struggles through darkness to finally burst forth into the light of day, Jackie brings together all of her life's experiences in this radio program, reflecting light, love, beauty and encouragement...finding meaning through heartache, beauty through pain...the ceaseless search for healing, for *true hearing*, for *true speaking*, the ever-spiraling upward toward the Transcendent *Is* that guides the lost sailor upon the seas of life...this is Northern Star.


WMCB radio show featured in Valley Advocate

Tom Sturm of the Valley Advocate

visits DJ Jeff Valluzzi

Behind the Beat:

Toasting the Top of the Dial

Greenfield's WMCB brings music and more to the northern Valley.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009
Tom Sturm Photo

Much as the print medium has evolved in the last several years, the medium of radio has, after hauling its mass out of the swamp of iron-clad commercial airwaves, begun to grow legs and tentacles of all shapes and sizes. What people choose to listen to comes from ever more numerous sources—podcasts, low-wattage community radio stations and, increasingly, "smart" shuffle-services like Pandora.

To some extent, the "50,000 watt flame-thrower" stations are being edged out by smaller, more local content providers or pummeled by the worldwide reach of Internet radio. Some approaches are even combining both in a one-two punch of local/global saturation, at the same time quaint and insidiously clever.

Such is the case with Greenfield's WMCB (107.9LP), though it weighs in at a relatively scrawny 100 watts and only barely dribbles its signal out to the border of the next town over. A stepchild of Greenfield Community Television and still in its infancy, the station already has a full slate of content provided by a small army of volunteers and maintains diverse programming that essentially allows anyone who's up for the effort to shape their ideas into reality. Shows range from music to poetry to commentary on local politics and community issues, and are produced on increasingly state-of-the-art equipment; audio elements at the station include shared and hand-me-down items from GCTV's classic Homegrown broadcast, currently produced by sound and video engineer Travis Roy.

DJ Jeff Valluzzi has brought much to the Pioneer Valley in the way of music; indeed, one could even say it was music that brought him to the area in the first place. Valluzzi rolled into town years ago with his New Hampshire homeboys Barry Daggett and Matt Dube (who often fills this space with words for the Advocate) and a guy named Shisty, calling themselves Pop*A*Wheelie—a band name whose eminently type-able asterisks betrayed his affinity for visual art as well as music. Pop*A*Wheelie rocked the Valley primarily from the late '90s to mid-2000s (the album The Shape of Fuzz is a local rock must-have), and the group still gets together now and again to make a joyful noise. After a stint at Boston's MassArt, Valuzzi, a talented painter and portraitist, returned to the Valley, got married and moved to its northern fringe.

Recently Valluzzi enthusiastically related that he had a show at WMCB (an acronym for Western Mass. Community Broadcasting). After various scheduling failures (hey, people travel a lot in the summer), I managed to set up a day to sit in on his show, The Indie Rock Boom Box, and even got to play guest DJ.

The Boom Box is a great mixture of old and new, with enough local music thrown in to qualify as a Valley music support mechanism, and has a host whose knowledge of musical catalogues is extensive, diverse (within his self-imposed format), and always open to suggestion. Now on his 23rd weekly show, his only wish is that the program could also be podcast on the Internet so his efforts could be appreciated farther afield, if even only in the "lower" Pioneer Valley, where most of his friends live. With any luck, his prayers may be answered; according to GCTV station manager Scott MacPherson, Internet podcasting is high on the list of priorities for MCB, and may well become a reality in the next few months.

"It's a different music license to broadcast an Internet program," MacPherson explained, "so it's been a little tricky. We'll work it out, though."

The station also hopes to start approaching sponsors and underwriters in the near future to help pay for some of the expenses incurred in production and broadcasting.

In the meantime, anyone within about 10 miles of Greenfield center can tune in to 107.9 and hear the station's broad variety of programming, including The Indie Rock Boom Box on Fridays from 9 to 11 p.m. (after Democracy Now). Local videophiles can also check out the other cool stuff going on at parent entity GCTV on their website at www.gctv.org.


We're going on line.

Thanks to generous underwriting support by Franklin Community Co-operative, WMCB will be able to afford to broadcast on the infamous world wide web. We also have underwriting support from the Greenfield Local Cultural Council. Expect to see and hear spots for both in the near future.
We have been on the air now for over a year and I am continually gratified by the quality of the programs we have been attracting from local residents. I personally would love to hear feedback from anyone who listens to WMCB. I also want to stress that we encourage the participation of any member of our community who has a desire to produce a radio show. If you have any questions or feedback, you can email me at wmcbfm@gmail.com.



Ad hoc meeting notes

The ad hoc committee which is responsible for operating WMCB met Sunday evening at the home of member Daria Fisk.
In attendance were Daria, Michael Pollitt, Tom MaClean, Andy Mathey, Drew Hutchison, and new members Jackie Rose and Marian Kelnor.

We prioritized several projects, and handed out assignments.

Andy Mathey is taking over as trainer for live DJs.

Jackie is working on DJ development.

Daria and Marian are working on collecting dues, and getting volunteers connected to tasks. In addition, Daria is taking over on organizing files, while Andy Mathey is going to build or obtain a system similar to cubby holes for inter-station communication .

Drew is going to head up fundraising, and will update the web site more frequently. In a related venture, Drew is linking our site to blogspots of DJs.
Any DJ can send a link to WMCBfm@gmail.com. Drew is happy to help any DJ create their own blogspot.

Next meeting of the ad hoc committee will be at the home of Jackie Rose, on Sunday April 26, 6-7pm. A general meeting will be held immediately after, followed in turn by a fab pot luck.

Questions or comments should be directed to Drew via wmcbfm@gmail.com.


Coming soon to a blogspot near you.

WMCB is looking forward to offering play lists and news and info for each show heard on the station. Blogger is a great tool which allows those with minimal experience to create a page dedicated to their radio program. We can link each of these to the WMCB main page. I will be available to train station members in this endeavor, and can be reached at wmcbfm@gmail.com.


Mea Culpa

It has been a very long time since anyone has posted on this site, and for that, I offer my humble apologies. WMCB 107.9 lp in Greenfield has been operational for a while, and offers a veritable plethora of original community programming.
The ad hoc committee which oversees operation of the station has been recently reconfigured, and I anticipate greater volunteer coordination in the months ahead.

I have been discussing with Scott the use of blog spots for each producer to market their show, in addition to documenting play lists.

Scott is also going to order some t-shirts, which will be handed out to paid up members.

We continue to have new producers join, or express interest.

queries can be sent to wmcbfm@gmail.com.

More later,