Ad hoc meeting notes

The ad hoc committee which is responsible for operating WMCB met Sunday evening at the home of member Daria Fisk.
In attendance were Daria, Michael Pollitt, Tom MaClean, Andy Mathey, Drew Hutchison, and new members Jackie Rose and Marian Kelnor.

We prioritized several projects, and handed out assignments.

Andy Mathey is taking over as trainer for live DJs.

Jackie is working on DJ development.

Daria and Marian are working on collecting dues, and getting volunteers connected to tasks. In addition, Daria is taking over on organizing files, while Andy Mathey is going to build or obtain a system similar to cubby holes for inter-station communication .

Drew is going to head up fundraising, and will update the web site more frequently. In a related venture, Drew is linking our site to blogspots of DJs.
Any DJ can send a link to WMCBfm@gmail.com. Drew is happy to help any DJ create their own blogspot.

Next meeting of the ad hoc committee will be at the home of Jackie Rose, on Sunday April 26, 6-7pm. A general meeting will be held immediately after, followed in turn by a fab pot luck.

Questions or comments should be directed to Drew via wmcbfm@gmail.com.