Variety Show

Drew Hutchison is looking for actors and writers to help with a variety show.
One segment will be a parody of reality TV.
The premise: Two teams of writers are given a set of circumstances to work with, and have to write and perform two three minute pieces with the first being a cliff hanger. The winning team gets to perform the second piece. The losing team must chose which character to "bump off" in the next show.
Some of the characters are as follows: Joe Smoke, a private investigator, and former drummer in the "Sacred Cows". Mrs. Manicheveski , Joe Smokes' Jewish Mother. Tony Rigatoni, the local mob boss.
We need someone to provide sound effects.
We also need musicians to play between acts.
Other segments can include parody of commercials, or talk shows.... etc. if you're interested, please get in touch with me at wmcbfm@gmail.com