WMCB-LP: A Work in Progress!!

Although this Blog may not reflect it, WMCB-LP is still alive and kicking!

We are up and running, airing our share of locally produced live programming and one of the best automated playlists of local music in the Pioneer Valley, 12 hours a day, seven days a week. Through the incredible efforts of a small handful of volunteers--and the hard work of GCTV's Technical Director, Scott MacPherson-- we've managed to meet the FCC's deadline for getting on the air, to train the first group of "live" broadcasters, and create a beginning schedule of programs produced live from downtown Greenfield.

Now, here's the rub. It is obvious that the work to be done to reach our goal of providing a real broadcast alternative to the mainstream media is much more than can be done by the efforts of just a few people. It can only be done with a larger group of folks dedicated to making a difference.

A couple of months ago, we posted links to the WMCB-LP Handbook and Training Manuals on this Blog site in the FAQ page. At that point, the Ad Hoc Steering Commitee had envisioned WMCB as a membership organization fueled, in part, by the membership fees and volunteer commitment of its members. We are now at the point where this needs to become a reality.

In the near future, we will be generating a general emailing to all the folks on our list with an attached membership form. At this point, we hope that folks will step up to plate and officially become members of WMCB-LP by filling out the form and returning it to us with the appropriate membership fees. ($25/year for iindividuals, $40/year for households/groups)--and an indication of what skills and abilities they can bring to us in fulfilling their volunteer commitment (2 hours a month).If you're reading this, and aren't on our cuurent list, please email us at wmcbfm@gmail.comJust Put ADD in the subject window--and we'll take it from there!

So, if you're someone who is interested in more than listening to the radio, if you want to help make it happen, now's the time.

As the say in the Radio World, "Stay tuned! There's more to follow."